Monday, February 28, 2011

Kilim4nj. Darkja55. Ense. - From Th3 Stairw311 (2011)

Cimmerian. Tenebrous. Cinematic perfection: I think of this amazing dark jazz ensemble in such terms and more. 1 EP and three albums later, the Kilimanjaros have crafted the strongest set of compositions since their debut half a decade ago.

Sonically its quite the sunken affair, euphoric and noisily adrift in the murk. The bases are covered nicely: 'Celladoor' breathes in and out in glitchy little dissonances awash in the drone, 'Giallo' swaggers down the blacklit urban corridors with to a post-bop midnight groove and a choir of ghosts at its beck and call, but the biggest treat of this witching hour comes in the form of 'White Eyes', a gorgeous filmworthy violin/horn-led moonlighter that does Twin Peaks-era David Lynch and crooners such as Julee Cruise very proud indeed.   

In any case, my AOTY so far. While everyone and their grandma creams their jeans to the latest Radiohead release or whatever Pitchfork shall undoubtedly hype in coming months, I doubt any of it will be capable of setting the mood faster (or better) than this dark little dream machine.

Listen Here - "Les Etoiles Mutantes"

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