Sunday, February 20, 2011

Landberk - Indian Summer (1996)

Throughout history, there have been infinitely numerous progressive rock bands who stop dead in their tracks developmentally once they're an appropriately acceptable King Crimson, Yes or Genesis pastiche. But then, like stars in the arctic sky, you have bands like Landberk...who in the course of three albums go from King Crimson's early 70's period to a snazzy crossover act that draws just as much inspiration from groups such as early Radiohead and the shoegaze scene as they do from obscure 70's pretensioners.

Indian Summer, a 1996 release which would prove to be the final album from this illustrious band, is also in some ways a realization of their potential as a unit, a contemporary in some ways to King Crimson's eclectic THRAK, which came out a year or so before this record. Vocals and guitar work are distorted into near oblivion at times, pitted against a cloud like ambience that would feel more at home on Slowdive's Pygmalion. Still, its not all drums and spacey guitar noodles: '1st Of May' is a solid alt. rocker blighting along with that classic 90's melancholy and 'Dustgod' comes across as the ideal marriage between The Smashing Pumpkins and post-87 Pet Shop Boys.

While I have been doing a lot of name dropping here, I just find it rather refreshing that a Scandinavian progressive rock band managed to successfully incorporate some of the cooler musical movements that were blooming twenty-some years ago and cut some fine songs in the process.

Prog., art rock, shoegaze, alternative rock...whatever your crack is, this baby's got it.

Listen Here - "I Wish I Had A Boat"

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