Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Secede - Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic (2003)

I can't say much for the opinions of those who consider themselves well-informed, but Secede is probably my single favorite individual in the IDM/ambient-electronic spectrum and in a class all his own. He doesn't cut releases very often, but when something does rear it's head it tends to blow most of its competition out of the water, such as the tremendously splendid Tryshasla from 2005.

Bye Bye Gridlock Traffic is this musical magician's 2003 debut, thirteen exercises in organic, nearly unbelievably deep soundscapes that never cease to relax nor entertain. Favorites would include the glitchy phantamagoria of 'Crave & Fall', 'Return To Island CX' with its sparkling keyboards that morphs about a quarater of the way through into some kind of world-trip hop beatfest, and firmament treading 'Outran', a dream amidst many brilliant visions lost in the night sky.

To be blunt, what gets me the most at the end of the day is how Secede succeeds, effortlessly at times, in holding onto a certain human touch to his songwriting, whereas various IDM superstars making their names through Pitchfork and the like appear to struggle violently to obtain a semblance of that very same thing. Hell, even half a trip in this record makes it so I can't even remember what I enjoyed in his more well-known competition to begin with. Scary!

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