Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stεfαn Guииαrsson - S/T (2010)

One of those incredibly elusive post-Y2K debuts that endeavors mighty hard to bring back the age of smooth L.A. pop, Stefan is no stranger to his Scandinavian homeground: he's been featured on T.V. as a musical prodigy at a variety of instruments...and he's got a fine set of pipes to match.

The songwriting he employs is rather classy too: like Stevie Wonder trying to cross over the soul-inflected poppiness of early 90's Go West with a band like Airplay or perhaps Boz Scaggs. Several songs in particular, such as 'Words Are Not Enough' and 'Gotta Find It', feature old school Clavinet soloing, and those horns sound right out of the arrangement modus operandi of David Foster and his ilk. Smooooooove.

Catchy and expertly produced while still hearkening back some to days long past, this is a great modern Westcoast record for the nostalgic among get to listening!

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