Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Heat - S/T (1979)

Blistering and demented even in it's quietest moments, This Heat's debut is a fundamentally different specie of record than it's infamously more accessible followup Deceit; they fume and smolder with strange, primitive ideas.

Put another way, the songs present here are worlds within themselves: 'Not Waving' is the ideal drone-jazz funeral dirge, or perhaps its merely the band's nod to Brian Eno and his work with No New York the previous year...but when you have such menacing, virulent industrialism at play on the groundbreaking 'The Fall Of Saigon' and an uncharacteristically amazing throwback to Can's classic percussive heyday on 'Twilight Furniture', the fact that this fantastic group debuted before 1980 seems almost like a fantasy. Amalgamating many of the best qualities of free jazz, fledgling post-punk, no wave and progressive rock into a compelling horror story before others had caught on is no small feat after all...

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