Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ramases - Glass Top Coffin (1975)

Underrated and lauded in many underground circles back in the good ol' 70's, Ramases are basically the symphonic folk equivalent to psychedelic space gods Hawkwind and their ilk, sending their operatic tenors of voice and eclectic instrumentation alike to the infinite nether and beyond and letting their starborne intentions carry on to new worlds.

Glass Top Coffin, remastered and reissued after thirty five years in obscurity, was this communal collective jamboree's final release in 1975 before they split up to go do...whatever hippies do when they aren't playing music or indulging in mild altering contraband. Considering how beautiful and compellingly listenable this sophomoric finale was though, I guess the breakup couldn't have happened at a better time - amidst the acoustics and vibratto-harmonizing, there's a classically induced sheen borne from euphoric strings and woodwinds mingling amidst the sunshine pop and would-be Fairport Convention-ing which befits the "space opera" image as though it were a match made in heaven.

Fans of spacey subject matter, troubadours brimming with bard like delivery, baroque folk-rock and beautiful music on the whole will be blasting off with glee when this record gets a'spinnin'.

Listen Here - "Mind Island"

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