Friday, February 4, 2011

Destroyer - Kaputt (2011)

Easily cutting the best album to come out this year thus far, Destroyer is an interesting project from Dan Bejar (of The New Pornographers fame) that blends post-punkish Indie-pop sensibility with that dreamy jazz quality that marked the delicious commercial efforts of such 80's acts as Swing Out Sister and Prefab Sprout, with results that can only be described as magical.

Atmosphere reigns supreme here to these ears, groove-leaden basslines punctured teeth-and-all with horns and darkling sax, with keyboards occasionally manifesting before pulsating down south of the mix once more. I can see how the typical alternative listener wouldn't think much of any of this - jazz pop anything, "Indie" or not, has never exactly been high on this generation's radar.

People who don't let "old people music influences" get in the way of a good time will see this for the treasure that it is though: a contemporary slice of classy, laidback rock that should dissuade those thinking indie-rock has run out of ideas.

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