Friday, February 25, 2011

Mr. M1ster - Pv11 (1990/2010)

Twenty years after a supposed release date that never came, prodigal 80's atmospheric pop-rockers Mr. Mister finally had their legendary lost album Pull mastered and released at the end of 2010, causing many fans of the band (including myself) to rejoice with great fervor.

Although I don't really advertise it on a daily basis, I'm quite the aficionado of artsy pop/rock bands like Toto, Tears For Fears, and the 80's/90's incarnation of Yes, groups whose sound is comparable to the pseudo-industrial clarity of production that marks the various tracks across Pull. Furthermore, the razorback axe-work of Trevor Rabin and the larger-than-life voice of Richard Page couldn't be better, factors which would be droolworthy for me even if the songs weren't too hot.

On the contrary however, the compositions here ARE quite good for the most part, and that makes the twenty year expectations all that more rewarding, with particular nods to the 80's King Crimson-ian eastern-scaled powerhouse 'Learning To Crawl' and mid-tempo blazers such as 'Close Your Eyes' and 'Surrender' whose hooks are just as good as the band's earlier hits, if not better.

To my comrades out there looking for that magical late-80's crystalline production, wrought with great songs and performed by a rock band who were at the height of their musical prime, you have found nirvana.

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