Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toto - Fahrenheit (1986)

Toto are in some ways the penultimate Westcoast pop-rock group -- slick arrangements, tight playing that alludes to everything between funk, prog. and psychedelic pomp, and great studio and live performances alike are all trademarks that the band has become known for in their 40+ years of existence. Unfortunately, their broad sound isn't for everyone - they rocked too hard for many soft-rock fans but were considered a tad weak by the "serious" rock enthusiast.

However, taken on their own merits, albums like Fahrenheit should appeal to numerous people who are looking for a good entry point into some of the group's more quality material. Enjoy the post-disco rock that guys like Prince and Michael Jackson peddle? 'Til The End' and the proggy. New Wave-esque title track do indeed deliver. Killer ballads to get that inner cheese factor fulfilled? 'Lea' and 'Could This Be Love' got you covered. There are a few numbers here that rank among the best the band has ever done also, with particular kudos to the killer hook-laden sucker punch of 'We Can Make It Tonight' and the jazzy instrumental closing number 'Don't Stop Me Now', which features MILES FRIGGIN DAVIS of all people on trumpet....wowzah!

This was the first of two late 80's Toto albums that featured L.A. mainstay Joseph Williams as lead vocalist, and his presence arguably puts this record and its followup The Seventh One at the top of the Toto quality heap beside their debut, Tambu and Falling In Between.

I won't say this is a record for everyone, but its a certainly a gem of the 80's arena rock context and a real treat for those who are willing to give it a shot.

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