Monday, March 7, 2011

5teve Co1e - Stay Awhile (1998)

For a smooth jazz album to rise above its uninspired competition, certain finesses must be demonstrated. It either needs to be more technical, catchier and brimming with more bite than the rest, or provide one of those ideal downtempo experience that isn't clouded by Kenny G blehness and the like.

Mr. Cole, a youthful Californian sax player of great local renown, provides an excellent example of chilling out on this 1998 debut. Subtle electronics, percussive loops, tasteful sax and a killer attention to detail in the production department work in tandem to provide one of the best R&R voyages in the lighter side of jazz to hit shelves over the last two decades.

This isn't music for a Caribbean cruise or your sister's shopping experience. This is the shit that'll get your mind in a good place during your neon-drowned expeditions into the beating heart of a thriving cityscape. Believe it or not, a great deal of fine music wasn't born into the world to challenge you or necessarily help you sleep better. When all is said and done, the best smooth jazz lifts your mood and gets it where it needs to be regardless of whether its the fledgling hours of the morning or in the contemplative dead of night. Expecting anything more is the dissertation of a close-minded elitist.

Personal highlights: 'Where The Night Begins', 'Devotion', 'When I Think Of You'

Listen Here - "When I Think Of You"

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