Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ra - Duality (2005)

Ra, in my opinion, are one of the few relatively mainstream modern rock bands of the last ten years who actually have something interesting to offer musically, coming across as some kind of poppy crossbreed between The Police, SOAD and Meshuggah with some grunge and prog. rock elements thrown in for kicks.

Part of why this outfit gels compared to their contemporaries that lead vocalist Sahaj Ticotin has some nice pipes behind him with range to boot, yet also possesses a strangely keen ear for riffs, structure and arrangement - all unusual factors considering the market these boys were aiming for half a decade ago. Even the songs that aren't standouts in Duality (the best of the bunch being 'Fallen Angels' and 'Undertaken') have something memorable and distinctive to give them that necessary edge, such as the Queen-esque shuffle of 'The Only One' and 'Superman', an anthemic little bugger that could have been an early Foo Fighters classic had it been born in a different time and place.

Thought it was a fruitless search to find a listenable album in the world of post-grunge that came out after 1997? Maybe this record (or the band's debut release From One) will change your mind.

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