Thursday, March 31, 2011

Queensrÿche - Promised Land (1994)

The last magic set of cuts (remastered in 2010, which is what I'm putting out tonight here) in this infamous progressive metal band's (until after this point) amazing discography, Promised Land also holds the distinction at being the most minimalistic and least metal-centric album Geoff Tate and co. ever put into stores. This sudden movement towards sonic diversity is partly in continuation to some of the ideas presented on their previous blockbuster Empire back in 1990, but perhaps they simply chose a more stripped down approach because they felt it suited the ideas they were trying to present. Either way, its certainly an interesting existence in a decade where few bands felt the need to stretch beyond their fanbases.

The best tracks are the ones that hook you in rather immediately - 'Disconnected' feels like a classic Faith No More offering with a heavy case of grunge distortion while the two 7+ minute epics ('Someone Else?' and the title track respectively) are true conundrums and where the band's earlier metal sound and their newfound sinister acoustics come together in perfect synthesis. I'm sure a few jaws will drop too when they hear Tate playing the motherfuckin' saxophone on both of these songs. Yes, you read that right!

I recommend this album to anyone who thought this act simply lost their songwriting prowess after 1989, and not because its a great metal record, but because it's simply great music that happens to be under the reins of individuals who made their names in the pop metal world a decade before. 

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