Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mu - S/T (1971)

Along with Comus's infamous tainted folk masterpiece First Utterance, the cult classic self-titled one shot by Mu which also arrived in '71 is yet another of those one-of-a-kind acoustically oriented releases from that first half of the decade that still haven't been outclassed today. Entrenched up to its teeth in thick, groovy basslines, free jazz sax solos, bluesy guitar riffs and some rather comendable songwriting, this is a psychedelic blues-rock album for the ages and beyond.

My main point of attachment to this album is the sheer weight of ancient, pervasive soul present in every flick of a chord, every kick to the percussion, and the sense of journey whenever the groove gets time to flesh itself out in the light of the desert. It's Fleetwood Mac with the balls of a tanuki and the crunch of a chilled out Blue Cheer. It's an experimental West Coast album with the chops and emotion to bring about a rather glorious fruition.

In other words, I can't recommend this enough to aspiring listeners. Let that good ol' pre-Steely Dan Californian sound wash right over ya!!

Listen Here - "Nobody Wants To Shine"

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