Tuesday, March 15, 2011

V/A - Points In Time 002 (1999)

When it comes to drum & bass compilations, you won't find too many series better than the Points In Time series. Each set, one through nine, is taken from artists via LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records, which specializes in atmospheric tribal/jungle/D&B stuffz to great success.

While I have yet to run across a bad entry in this particular set of albums, Points In Time 002 remains my favorite amidst favorites: 'Sonic Winds' from Seba & Lotek comes takes Goldie's Timeless production and jungles it out with oodles of natural sound and tidal keyboard washes into ten minutes of wonderful. Bukem himself also makes a personal contribution in typical acid jazz style with 'Atlantis (I Need You)', an old cut from the early 90's that almost seems revolutionary due to its dubsteppish use of vocal splicing and echo. Nobody else was doing anything like that in 1992 (!!), and the implications upon today's electronic world are staggering to contemplate.

Genius takes on many forms, ladies and gents, and this compilation is quite the example of such manifestation. Don't pass it up!

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