Sunday, November 14, 2010

Theo Travis & Robert Fripp - Thread (2008)

Although King Crimson has been on something of a hiatus since 2003's The Power To Believe, founder & atmospheric guitarist extraordinaire Robert Fripp still involves himself in a variety of interesting collaborations, projects and cameos. One such occasion was the result of a meeting with Theo Travis, a flautist and saxophonist of remarkable skill who has worked with such bands as Porcupine Tree, The Tangent and Gong. Impressed with one another and having some good ideas, they spent some time in the studio in 2008 and subsequently recorded Thread in a stroke of hallucinogenic genius.

Honestly fellas, this is one of the most beautiful albums in my collection and most definitely a work that needs greater exposure to the music-loving public. Think Tangerine Dream circa 1973 when Phaedra had just hit shelves, but with a sound bent on lusher ideas and with a greater emphasis on flute and sax. Is the saliva building up in your mouth yet? Although Fripp's production talents and processed soundscaping provides a fantastic backwash when it moves in the forefront a bit ['Pastorale', 'Before Then'], Theo Travis truly defines this record as its emotional core, letting his instruments form unseen words in the mind. When his flute soars into the swirling abyss of some distant starblazed sky, you too will find yourself going there as well ['The Unspoken', 'Curious Liquids']. Fucking glorious!

Fans of great ambient music, flutes, and the minimalistic churning of cosmic notes will have much to meditate upon here, and probably have a damn fine trip in the process.

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