Friday, November 12, 2010

Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares - S/T (1987)

There's something soothing about the voices of people crying out together in harmonious enlightenment, alone in the vastness of an aged hall or the open sky. This particular beauty, the debut album of from a famous Balkan World Music ensemble, captures for me an elusive timeless spark, an oh-so-brief peek into the transcendentalist of music that goes back centuries beyond 2010 trends and conceptual ideas.

As the tide of this record washes past me, to mind arrives a poem by a writer I've come admire as of late, the macabre and talented Clark Ashton Smith, in which he describes a sunrise-

The moon declines in lonely gold
Among the stars of ashen-grey—
Veiling the pallors of decay
With clouds and glories, fold on fold.

Now, in a crystal interlude,
Stillness and twilight briefly rest,
Ere sudden gules illume the crest
Of peaks where solemn purples brood;

And from the low Favonian bourn
A sweet wind blows so lightly by
It seems the futile silver sigh
Breathed by the lingering moon forlorn.

This won't be everybody's cup of tea, but it certainly soothes like a motherfucker when you hit a certain state of mind. Ambient muzak for Eastern European horse farmers, lulz.  

Listen Here - "Polegnala e Todora"

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