Monday, November 22, 2010

Simon Finn - Pass The Distance (1970)

An obscure English bard of trippy renown for the recording of this 1970 opus, Simon Finn spins claustrophobic yarns of places out of time ['The Courtyard', 'Jerusalem'] in passionate mad-prophet swagger to the thrum of an acoustic guitar, a sitar, skittering percussion and more to an assortment of beautiful, distorted compositions. His singing is haunted like the distant desert and atonal like a faceless wind, and I don't want to be where he might be. I doubt it's a happy place.

This is truly fine music for drifting in the dark, unsure of where you'll be tomorrow. Maybe it won't even be on Earth. Hell, you may not even be alive. You never really you?

Listen Here - "Fades (Pass The Distance)"

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