Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Earthsuit - Kaleidoscope Superior (2000)

Christian rock's best (and only) well-kept secret comes in the form of a now defunct group called Earthsuit, a creative bunch of slobby musicians that would break up due to a differences (both musical and theological) not long after releasing this diamond in the rough back in 2000. Subsequently, several people from this project would later go on to form spacey alt. rock band MuteMath, who aren't too shabby either (though that's a story for another day).

"But Drake, what the fuck is ANY Christian music doing here on The Widening Eye?" some may ask. "Don't you only listen to cool and awesome shit that you choose to share with the rest of us because you have such a schmexy, bootylicious soul full of warmth and koala-hugging generosity?"

Well, legions of mindless followers, that's just the trick - despite its Christian credentials and questionable lyricisms, Kaleidoscope Superior is a golden fleece surrounded by the evangelical manure of a rather annoying and vast genre of music. And not only is this album heads and shoulders above everything else in Christendom, but it every song is an exceptional demonstration in creative pathos: the whole damn shebang sounds fresh as fuck a decade after its inception, from the weird rap-rock reggae jazz-tinged opening single 'One Time' to orbital psychedelic lounge like 'Whitehorse' and 'Sky Flashings'. My favorite track is 'Wonder' though, which turns a question of faith into a poppy acoustic-sampled trip-rocker that even my hot Goth girlfriend could jig to in a pinch.

Still, an album like this brings up an interesting conundrum for a prospective music listener, and its one that I think is pertinent to everyone: is it okay to love something musically even if you don't agree with the message? Put another way - "If I'm not a Christian and can't relate with the lyrics, is it okay to like it anyway because the compositions themselves are awesome?"

I'll let you peons decide for yourselves I guess, but in my case....who the fuck cares? Kaleidoscope Superior is inspired in its more experimental moments, intriguing and catchy to listen to even at its most straightforward, and best of all has stood the test of time remarkably since it's release...a trend which shall progress into the far & distant future unless the apocalypse ends up obliterating us two Christmases from now.

What do you pussies have to lose? GIVE THIS SUCKA A WHIRL!!!!!

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  1. Amen Bubba. Hit the nail on the head. Is it okay to listen to something without agreeing with the message. Thank you for being open minded and giving this album it's due credit. In case you didn't know, parts of Earthsuit became MuteMath.

  2. Oh yeah - also, check out their demo "the rise of modern simulation" which has some fantastic tracks on it despite not being finished.

  3. I shall check that out, and yes I knew that half of Earthsuit formed MuteMath later...which in some ways is a shame: Earthsuit had one helluva unique sound to them.

  4. Plenty of Christians listen to and enjoy music that doesn't agree with what they supposedly believe.