Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moonlight - DownWords (2005)

Polish trip-hop metal isn't the sort of thing that comes along every day in musical vernacular, but lucky for you miscreants I happen to have a particularly nice upload to alleviate that musical deficiency tonight!

Moonlight are one of those groups that you can describe in numerous ways and still miss essential facets. Portishead meets Björk who has been indulging in one-too-many Meshuggah records is perhaps an ideal description for the music mags. But Christ, there's so much else going on that even a description like that is the equivalent of calling Mr. Bungle a mere thrash metal band: you might catch a thrash element here and there, but you'd be missing the point entirely by doing so. There's a shitload of jazz elements, industrial, enchanting avant-gardizms, old school House, and even a touch of the Cocteau Twins dreamy hook sensibility when you least expect it. The end result is almost too brilliant to really take in with just one run through or two: multiple spins is what's required to let the stink of genius seep in.

I'm sure after a double shot of 80's, something obscure and jaw-dropping spectacular is just what you fogies need to get your nightly rocks off. Thank me after the shellshock wears off!

Listen Here - "Pill"

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