Saturday, November 20, 2010

FictionJunction - Future Soundscape II (2005)

The second soundtrack to CLAMP's Tsuabasa Chronicle anime series, and yet another interesting case where the music is more compelling than the material it was originally attached to.

The eighteen tracks here alternate between longer and shorter tracks, playing around prominently with a balanced mix of classical instrumentation and electronic, rock and jazz. Opening piece 'Voices Silently Sing' is a particularly nice example of the the latter two, swiveling a saxophone between a distant sounding guitar screech and choral mantras. The stylistic range of things here is rather impressive though, and is the soundtrack's strongest trait: 'Storm and Fire' comes off like a gypsy folk rocker while 'Endlessly' walzes by with prominent flute and operatics aboard the violin brigand.

It's nice to know that Japanese composers aren't afraid to get their feet wet when it comes to mixing up genres and ideas for film and series soundtracks. We could learn from that a bit here in the West I think, especially when there are albums like this floating around over there!

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  1. It's so nice that fictionjunction made the tsubasa chronicles soundstrack, the songs fix perfectly with the anime.