Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cardiacs - Sing To God (1995)

Progressive punk (pronk) band from England that hipsters love for their zany energy, lyrical ingenuity, cuddleable brainmashing songs and because nobody does what they do as well as them. 1995's Sing To God is their Close to the Edge, their Mona Lisa, and the pinnacle of their manic fucked-up craftsmanship. All 22 songs are figments of the great puzzle, trophies gleaming gold upon the Cardiacs' howling toothed bookcase.

I can't think of anyone who hates something this stellar, so take it like a good moocher and let the lunacy eat your wombs.

PS: This is divided into two parts because Mediafire doesn't swallow the whole load. >:(

Listen Here - "Fiery Gun Hand"

Try It (Pt. I)
Try It (Pt. 2)
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