Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eddie Jobson - Zinc (1983)

Eddie Jobson is a English violinist most famously known for replacing Brian Eno in Roxy Music in 1973 and other stints with such groups as U.K., Curved Air and even Frank Zappa's band. With that sort of backlog behind him, it's therefore not surprising that Jobson did one hell of a...job here on 1983's Zinc, also called "The Green Album" due to the cover.

In any case, this is a weird yet fantastically constructed work. New Wave synthetic violin prowess splurged against Eddie Jobson's surprisingly awesome Jon Anderson-esque vocals coupled with buckets of electronic soundscaping that wouldn't be out of place of any of Eno's mid 70's records. The eleven tracks here are all class, arranged in such a way that Jobson's vocally-driven songs and the instrumentals offset each other in alternate order.

Such a sleek adventure this is, and it really needs to be heard by more to be appreciated. If in curiosity you have ever wanted to hear what Yes, Brian Eno and XTC sound like once you put them through a blender, then drink up, cause this martini be nice and cold!

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