Sunday, November 21, 2010

Old - Formula (1995)

Probably the weirdest Industrial album ever made. Old (Old Lady Drivers) were originally a grindcore band started by James Plotkin, who would later come to fame from his work with doom metal band Khanate. However, by the time they got to this 1995 final album, the group's sound had evolved into something like a cross between mid 80's Cure and a Nine Inch Nails cover band with fantasies about being some kind of shoegazey acid house ensemble. Or maybe they just really like Devin Townsend. Zounds!

Personally, I reserve my love for that seemingly LSD-fueled insanity that went into these tracks. 'Last Look' is 10 minute of House-influenced-reverb-drenched melancholy that grows more and more out of sync as the seconds wind down to delicious oblivion, while 'Under Glass' is Cocteau Twins gone techno in your daddy's pool hall. I find the production quite attractive too: its very layered, not unlike the work of Babyface with his various New Jack Swing collaborations or John Punter with Strangeways back in the late 80's.

Looking for something weird, slick, dreamy and grindcored to take your mind off the bad part of your day? Old are just what the doctor ordered.

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