Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Wildhearts - P.H.U.Q. (1995)

Along with holding the distinction of being the single best British rock band to emerge after 1990, The Wildhearts are a shitload of fun for the whole family, your dog, and even that biker with the moss colored mohawk down at the pub.

Tonight's upload, therefore, is the 2010 remaster of The Wildhearts' classic 1995 opus P.H.U.Q. (27 beastly tracks in total!!), and it is quite a good way to get one's feet wet with these coked-up scoundrels as anything else in their discography.

In the same way an American group like Failure made groups like Pearl Jam and Nirvana seem rather stale and lightweight, The Wildhearts in turn illuminate the fact that all those "edgy" 90's alt. rock bands from the U.K. you grew up on are about as hardcore as Air Supply in comparison to the material found on these disks. Whether they're shredding up anthems into a near catatonic state of blissful overdose ['I Wanna Go Where The People Go', 'V-Day'] or stomping out softies like Supergrass at their own game on the ballad side of things ['Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time', 'Do Anything'], its hard not to grumble at what a sin it is that these blighters won't ever receive the recognition they deserve. They just kick too much fucking ass, possess too much pop prowess, and are likely just a bit too punchy on the whole for sedated children who were raised on safe muzak like The Smashing Pumpkins.

So...want some power-pop that will burn that sniveling inner chav right out of your soul? Take this on for size!

Listen Here - "I Wanna Go Where The People Go"

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