Friday, October 15, 2010

The Great Tyrant - There Is A Man In The House (2008/2010?)

Now HERE be a real one-of-a-kind bonefied musical goldmine for you asshats, and one that happens to be local to the city I grew up around! The Great Tyrant were an experimental and ridiculously amazing guitarless trio from Ft. Worth, TX, made up of vocalist Darron Beck, drummer Jon Teague and the recently deceased bass virtuoso Tommy Atkins, whom all together specialized in brilliantly blowing the minds of anyone who walked into the bar they happened to be jamming at with their phenomenal synthesis of Zeuhl, Scott Walker theatrics, doom metal mania and a healthy dose of meat-tearing synth-punk atmosphere to complete the picture.

This is a six track, 39 minute monstrosity of an odyssey where you are faced with surreal onslaughts of audio that could one day change the world. As the blogger who got his lucky, grubby paws on it originally pointed out, this music has no true sonic peer. There are influences, passing recollections of bands we might have heard in the past, but nothing more than that: The Great Tyrant is an entity in and of itself.

Get lost in this masterpiece and sacrifice a cow to the cosmos for giving this band the means to record. Mother Earth is a better, darker place for it. R.I.P. Mr. Atkins!

Listen Here - "There Is A Man In The House"

Buy It (On Vinyl)


  1. Thanks big time for this; I downloaded it of the original blog post then lost it in a hard drive failure and have been looking for it since. Much appreciated.

  2. No problem! It was taken down pretty fast on the original post after all, and still hasn't received proper release from the band...making There Is A Man In The House one of the best rare gems out there right now. :)

    Enjoy my blog!

  3. Hey, this is Daron Beck from Pinkish Black and the Great Tyrant. Could you please take this down. It is for sale on vinyl at: and at Pinkish Black shows.

    Aesop was notified as well and removed it. Please do the same. We'd really appreciate it.