Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cog - Sharing Space (2008)

Australian politics and smoldering Tool-meets-Karnivool metal collide here with enough interesting twists on the instrumental and time signature side of things to satisfy mental and emotional needs alike, with a bloody excellent sense of presentation to top the sundae: vocalist and lead guitarist Flynn Gower swaggers about in a theatrical yet enviable manner in some of the longer pieces ['No Other Way', 'Bitter Pills'] before going all wrathful and deprecatory when the bass turns to solid sludge ['Sharing Space']. Needless to say, we Americans have a lot of catching up to do if independent post-prog. bands with this sort of monstrous prowess on the other side of the Pacific are the norm.

Although it's a necessary evil, there is a certain monotony in approach to the madness at play. Hence, don't be expecting a zany Sleepytime Gorilla Museum or Mr. Bungle-esque experience, as this particular beast has an angry, pulsating tempo to it's heartbeat which doesn't vary a whole lot over the course of the record. But then again, when the songwriting is this solid coupled with an equal dose of entertaining arrangements therein, who really gives a shit about eclecticism or variety? Stylistic consistency can be just as fun! 

Long story short: an excellent album to fuck the system to. Watch that cigar you dropped burn the Earth to charcoal.

Listen Here - "Say Your Last Goodbye"

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