Sunday, October 10, 2010

OceanLab - Sirens of the Sea Remixed (2009)

If Tracey Thorn had BT's babies back in 1996, the resulting mix might turned out something like today's upload. OceanLab are a trio who are categorized under a rather pretentious tag: "progressive vocal house trance"...though I suppose in this case its a ridiculous label that's not too far off the mark. Oodles of post-90's dance beats, superbly stratospheric vocals and bunches of keyboards that remind me of Deep Forests's schmaltsome awesomeness run amok on this excellent set of remixes, coalescing into an ideal night drive soundtrack...or if you just want to impress people who do a lot of ecstasy. 

So switch on your treadmill and turn this bastard up nice and loud. Minds will blow and eargasms shall be brought forth from oh-so-distant English dance clubs, fabled realms where Portishead and Primal Scream are probably still cool to remix for your high school's after-prom parties.

Happy headtrips amigos!

Listen Here - "Satellite"

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