Sunday, October 24, 2010

SLik d - Midnight Vibes (2010)

Sorry to say, but there's not much background for tonight's upload guys, as SLik d is just a regular old joe like you and me...for better and for worse. The main points of interest for this curious is that he lives in California and is part of the rising "New Coast" sound in hip-hop, and it could be awesome given some time to develop as a scene.

Or should I say it might be awesome, yet it sounds stupid too. "New Coast? WTF?" some of you might be thinking. I'm honestly thinking the same thing. Questionable labeling aside, this is some tight shit that has more in common with Nujabes and some of the more off-duh-heezy rap entrepeneurs like CunninLynguists than, say, Lil' Wayne or Eminem. Not that I hate those latter two blokes, but yeah....

Anyway, Midnight Vibes is full of surprisingly sharp ideas and killer atmosphere. Do I like sharp ideas? Hell yeah. And do I love good atmosphere? You bet your grandma's virginity I do! Hence, what we have here is quite entertaining indeed. Amateur and a bit rough in places, yet slick and contemporary in a way that serves both the musical connoisseur and your dumbcunt friends who think Lady GaGa is the epitome of art. Hell, track numero tres 'SupaNova' is opened up with flute samples for Chrissakes, and if that's not a good sign I wouldn't know what is! 

No track-by-track breakdowns though: music of this sort needs to be experienced directly. Lyrically there's nothing special either unless you consider sex to be the penultimate expression of songwriting...or maybe drugs. 

Desiring a pretty good flow with plenty of jazzy samples and a relaxed West Coast vibe predominating your nightly airwaves? Are you tired of having to listen to hip-hop alone in your bedroom every night because its too "socially conscious" for your buddies? Perhaps this shall ease your troubled worries for a fortnight or so. Happy hopping everyone!

Listen Here - "In The Sky"

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