Thursday, October 28, 2010

Kyoto Jazz Massive - Spirit of the Sun (2002)

Here's a late night treat for you bozos, and a personal favorite on top of that. Japanese nu-jazz outfit Kyoto Jazz Massive are my morning coffee and my evening aphrodisiac, a conglomerate of fantastic ideas and atmosphere dreamily molded to execution that couldn't be more dynamic. Think of the grandeur of a modern Return To Forever armed to the teeth with sultry crooners that wouldn't be out place in a 70's soul group. Couple that with some slick electronic elements tuned just right for a ride down club avenue, then mix it up like a cocktail over easy. The result? This album will pop right out of the bottle. guaranfuckingteed. It's that smooth, that classy, and each song hits you harder the previous number.

And speaking of numbers, one such highlight can be listened to right below, killer bassline extraordinaire 'Deep In Your Mind', where my man Terry Callier lets his voice connect you to the beat beyond. Shalom!

Listen Here - "Deep In Your Mind"

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