Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Aspid - Extravasation (1992)

Well, after last night's wimpy commercial offering, I redeem thine ears with some godless, blood curdling thrash metal courtesy of the magical land of molotov cocktails, human trafficking and Baba Yaga...AKA Russia.

Originally released in 1992 (not too long after a certain regime came tumblin' down with a certain Wall over in Germany), this fantastic bundle of rage and hatred that nobody seems to really know anything about got somehow lost in the woodwork for the next fifteen years until some label decided to reissue it on CD in 2007. And they say there is no justice in the world...hah!

Eight tracks through to the end and you'll probably have no fucking clue what they're screaming about [it IS in Russian after all] but who cares, it's magnificent to the nth degree! Blistering drums, spastic riffs fired one after another that wouldn't be too out of place on some progressive death metal album and a torch-that-grain production that makes the whole damn carcass shamble about in that way that only the best piss-stained metal records seem to do, and it is all so very glorious.

Pillage these Ruskie rascals and rinse your ears in the beautiful slime. They'll thank you later after the bleeding stops!

Listen Here - "Hey, You!"

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