Saturday, October 9, 2010

Slave - Stone Jam (1980)

Dayton, Ohio was a fantastic little stewpot for all sorts of delicious hard-edged funk & soul throughout the 70's, and this-here-band Slave was perhaps the raddest of that scene's outfits, producing a number of divinely groovy LP's throughout the latter half of the decade and probably doing enough blow to give Scarface pause all the while.

However, not even records like The Hardness of the World or The Concept could have prepared listeners for the sheer genius of 1980's Stone Jam. Slicker, louder and yet simultaneously punchier than anything they'd released previously, this record is a genuine marvel: commercial, danceable, yet packed note-for-note with just as much groove & muscle as anything Funkadelic or the Bar-Kays did. Steve Arrington's cheeky crooning makes him a rather fun lead vocalist, and even the ballads ['Let's Spend Some Time', 'Starting All Over'] boast smoldering hooks that would compliment any Marvin Gaye/Barry White Lovemaking 101 playlist.

This is funk made ideal, boys and girls. Bust a move tonight and take your significant other by storm with this on the backburner.

Listen Here - "Watching You"

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