Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tнε Oυτfiεlδ - Rεplαy (2011)

One of the most underrated power-trios in all of pop-rock canon, Tнε Oυτfiεlδ have been putting out record after record of addictive, prog-tinged power pop since 1985 in some form or another, led by the sky high tenor of Tony Lewis, a fellow whose range and delivery falls in some magical realm between Sting, Jon Anderson of Yes and Todd Rundgren.

With 2011's comeback record Rεplαy living up to it's namesake long after other AOTYs have fallen through the daily grind, I'm inclined to believe they've never been better as a band in hookcrafting and performance than they are today.

Two cuts in particular, the monstrously anthemic 'California Sun' and the smooth as silk 'A Long, Long Time Ago' have actually charted regionally here in the U.S., and they're quite epidemic in and of themselves. However, this is a very strong record overall - twelve tracks and not one dud among them, with variety being expoused through a few numbers like the reggae-hazed groove of 'New York City' and the balladeering 'Sandman'.

Consistent to a fault and crunchy in all the right places, you might have to double check your speakers to make sure they aren't glistening too much after a couple runs through this sucker.

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