Friday, February 17, 2012

Iи Flαмεs - Souиds Of A Plαygяouиd Fαdiиg (2011)

A top-notch melodic death metal band who have, slowly but surely, transformed into an eclectic and more diverse group with the passing of years, Iи Flαмεs turned many a head last year with 10th studio outing Sounds Of A Plαygяound Fαding, and I'd say it was well worth the three year wait for many a metalhead.

Although their first record without founding guitarist Jesper Stromblad in tow, the songwriting and performances don't suffer even a smidgen from what fans and newcomers alike would expect. Immaculate slices of fun like the labyrinthine thrasher 'A New Dawn' and more mid-tempo stompers along the lines of 'Ropes' and the electroclash'd 'Deliver Us' rattle and blaze in throat-curling glory, balancing edge and accessibility in a way that few bands in this vein can do.

My verdict: Catchier than the measles (although cleaner than past releases), cunningly complicated, entertaining and polished to a fault. Recommended in large doses at loud volume!

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