Monday, February 13, 2012

Dεαd Cαи Dαиcε - Wiτнiи Tнε Rεαlm Of A Dyiиg Suи (1987/2008)

Ripped from the Japanese remastered SACD.

More often than not, I find that words fail me when it comes to a group like Dεαd Cαи Dαиcε. Their two-decade long discography explored, from perfect record to perfect record, the recesses of atmospheric post-punk, world music, New Age and an unbelievably cinematic grasp on the whole neoclassicism spectrum of musical indulgences. Before veterans like Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon jumped on the African pygmy-chant bandwagon and unleashed the savage jungle into contemporary Top-40 territory, this illustrious duo were cutting 3rd World masterpieces with a feudal edge that took even scenesters by surprise.

But, I digress. If one had to pluck but a single record from DCD's divinely inspired catalogue to get a newbie's ears wet in the ethereal woodwork, then 1987's Wiτнin Tнε Rεαlm Of A Dying Sun is the place to start. Not only are these songs some of the best crafted in a career long-canon, but with Side A being dominated by the grave croon of Brendan Perry and Side B an ideal slice of the heavenly pipes of Lisa Gerrard, the listener gets to experience both sides of Dεαd Cαи Dαиcε's musical cerebrum and...hell, maybe even reach enlightenment through doing so.

Like a narcotic you just can't quite get out of your system, this record casts a long, haunted shadow over your mind...and I'm more than happy to let it envelop me when I least expect it.

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