Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ioиα - S/T (1990)

An excellent, unique and rather unconventional debut by progressive Celt rockers Ioиα, and probably my favorite record by the band overall. Neo-proggier in some ways than what would come later, the Clannad influences are more heavily tempered and reigned in by complicated and at times breathtaking instrumental interplay, particularly on numbers like 'A'Machair' and the 8-minute 'Trilogy'. Although not quite everyone's drink of choice (as is the case with many musical hybridists), I guess when you have someone as amazing as Joanne Hogg at the mic they could be doing half-assed polka-punk folk and still sound like a million bucks.

Oh, and it's got that "fresh out of the late 80's" production I love so much too, which makes the deal even sweeter from an atmosphere enthusiasts's point of view.

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