Friday, February 10, 2012

Sτяicτly Iиc. - S/T (1995)

In the music industry, it is simply a given that good things are never meant to last very long. Groups break up, ideas don't hold together like they should in studio, and record labels consistently and without exception never bother to promote music which actually deserves to be heard....all of which seemed to be the case from this excellent progressive pop collaboration between Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks and vocalist Jack Hues of experimental 80's New Wave band Wang Chung. 1995, evidently, was the worst year one could have picked to release a record that would have sounded cutting edge only six years earlier.

Rhythmically creative, rich in sonic contour and in many ways a rock solid competitor to the pop sensibilities of prior art-rock hotcakes such as Genesis's Invisible Touch, Peter Gabriel's So and Yes's Talk, this unusual creature known as Sτяicτly Iиc. loosely follows a series of degenerates, from a psychopath who drives an ice cream truck for a living to a girl with multiple personalities, and gives their tales life and color through a series of punchy art-pop ditties...atleast up until the 17 minute closer 'An Island In The Darkness', an orchestrated send-up to human struggle and insecurity itself that stands as one of the 90's best progressive rock suites no matter how you cut it.

Progressive rock and synthesized coked-up keyboard pop don't normally breed in a way that people can get into on a regular basis, but this record proves such a union can result in something wonderful when every element is where it needs to be.

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