Monday, February 27, 2012

Mαяillioи - Sεαsoиs Eиd (1989) [Rεmastεяεd]

Although their original vocalist Fish jumped ship in '88 to many a disgruntled art-rock fan's dismay, neo-prog. progenitors Mαяillioи came back stronger than ever with the magnificent Sεαsons End in 1989...and on top of that, they did so with a brand new vocalist named Stεvε Hogαrth..a man who was a polar opposite to Fish in every way imagineable, yet just as talented and powerful behind the mic.

Although not a perfect album by any means, there are several cuts here ('The King Of Sunset Town', 'Easter', 'Berlin' and the title track) which should be considered essential to any fan of melodic progressive rock, and the rest ain't half bad either. The first of those four develops gorgeously over its 8-minute span, given resonance thanks to the incredible synth work throughout and a killer hook to boot, while the folkish anthem 'Easter' boasts the band's single best guitar solo of the 90's and a two minute mantra of an outro that immortalizes the song as a classic with unbelievable ease. 'Berlin', meanwhile, features some sweltering sax on it's melody line and the title track tells a downtempo, atmosphere-laden tale of a changing environment and what may come in time.

Although this excellent band as many a great record to its name, Sεαsons End is a late 80's classic and the ideal introduction to the amazing voice of Stεvε Hogαrth, making it a class addition to any collection.

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