Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tнε Goυяisнαиkαя - Closε Gяip (2008)

Although this is something a number of you are aware of, some of the most fascinating music on the planet seems to be coming out of Russia and Eastern Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall back in prehistoric times, with a number of artists being able to break the language barrier and reach international audiences on the sheer talent their recorded material represents.

This, of course, includes the oft-maligned genre known as progressive rock. In the space of two meager records, Tнε Goυяisнαиkαя have not only demonstrated that they are at the absolute pinnacle of creativity when it comes to this sort of music, but are creating a brand of art-rock that defies all and any categorization known to criticdom.

Metal, jazz-fusion, 80's synth washes and an assortment of trip-hop stylings and techno clubbery are but a few of the wondrous elements at play here on 2008's Closε Gяip, and the conjunction of these diverse sounds and how they collide and interact with one another in a melodic context is magnificent to behold. The Geddy Lee-esque vocals of MJ Whiner and the overall production style are reminiscent of Rush circa Hold Your Fire, but that particular ensemble would never do anything as audacious as throw in free-jazz saxophone solos ('Insomnia') or Gregorian choral chant interludes coupled with ominous piano ambience ('Autumn Frost') and still retain memorable songwriting progression. That's pretty goddamn brilliant!

Bizarre, addictive, peerless in ambition and blindingly schizophrenic in ways that defy expectation, I cannot lay enough accolades upon these guys and their output, because none of it does the music justice. It stands on its own merits and resembles nothing else.

In closing, albums like this one are why I started blogging in the first place. Do yourselves a favor and pick it up.

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