Monday, January 9, 2012

Sαlyu x Sαlyu - s(o)uи(d)bεαмs (2011)

Bizarre, bodacious, bombastic, beautiful and brazen - these are but a few numerous adjectives that come to mind when I think of this glorious collaborative effort between J-Pop singer/songstress Sαlyu and the ever fascinatingly eccentric Cornelius behind the deck.

Avant-garde doesn't even being to describe the tendencies within. Delicious J-Funk ('Mirror Neurotic') cuts a swath through the eerie vocalizations of After Dinner inspired cuts like 'Rain Boots De Odorimashou' and the gorgeous 7-minute wonderland sprawl of a title piece. You begin to wonder after awhile just how much beauty and madness can get stuffed into a single set of recordings, but then give up somewhere halfway and let the whole morass sink in with a great wooosh.

Arresting, insane, passionate and occasionally catchier than a 15th century death plague, I could see myself giving this as a birthday gift to someone else's significant other. Maybe they'll stop listening to The Jonas Brothers after a couple of rounds with this sucker!

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