Friday, January 27, 2012

Sнuyα Okiиo - Dεstiиy (2011)

Long awaited sophomore release by producer/pimp Sнuyα Okiиo of Kyoto Jazz Massive, and it cuts helluva deep in all the right musical arteries.

Unlike his more House oriented debut a few years back, Dεstiиy sees Okino-san attempting to revitalize the sort of rhythmic space funkiness that a lot of late 70's/early 80's groups like Change and Cameo (and to a lesser extent guys like Alexander O'Neal and Leon Ware) crafted into near perfection back in the day, thus reigning over many a popular music circle until R&B balladry gained the upper hand near the close of the age.

Alternating classic covers with entertaining originals and bringing in a score of great vocalists to get the most out of the tracks themselves, I'm going to assert that this is a pretty fuckin' jammin' recreation of a long-dead era and one of 2011's more compelling under-the-radar gems to boot. Get cookin'!

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