Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Al Jαяяεαu - S/T (1983)

Perhaps the single most talented vocal jazz-anything to come into prominence in the late 70's and so forth, Al Jαяяεαu laid down some mighty fine L.A. pop-funk-soul'n'B in an era where only the strongest and classiest cats survived. Able to reproduce a number of astonishing sounds with his scatting and a master of vocal control in general, this '83 slice of sunny solid state came in the wake of 1981's Breakin' Away, his bestseller and one of the best jazz pop records of the early 80's in and of itself.

Like that particular classic, guitar king Jay Graydon plays throughout and produces this record to the point of perfection and beyond: his magic tough is a force to be reckoned with in conjunction with a performer and songwriter like Jαяяεαu, particularly on monstrous cuts like radio-favorite 'Mornin', dreamy keyboard glider 'Trouble In Paradise' and the 6-minute lynchpin where all good things collide known as 'Save Me'.

Ideal morning music and endearingly upbeat and fluid from song to song, this is an excellent treatment for any case of cynicism this side of the rail road tracks.

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