Sunday, January 15, 2012

Euмiя Dεodατo - Tнε Cяossiиg (2010)

One of Brazil's top jazz keyboardists and sonic craftsmen of the last couple of decades, Euмiя Dεodατo certainly doesn't have to prove his chops or vision to anyone at this point in his career. Nevertheless, he pulls no stops whatsoever in 2010's Tнε Cяossiиg: everything here is full on 70's chilled out fusion, complete with Fender Rhodes solos, percussion your ears can salivate over and some truly remarkable guitar work to make the picture that much prettier in the grand scheme of things.

Jazz pop and bossa nova crossovers can many a time yield mere mixed results as far as quality or consistency goes, but this smooth collection is about as sumptuous as they come for the night owl that hoots within us all.

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