Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ryuichi Sαkαmoτo - Espεяαиτo (1985)

Japan's most well-known musical export in many a circle, and a helluva pianist to boot. Sαkαmoτo-san has had his hands in pretty much every genre known to man since his beginnings as a fiery young keyboardist behind electro-New Wave pioneers Yellow Magic Orchestra, and his aforementioned solo career is a rather formidable beast to tackle for those unprepared for the sheer amount of quality that is apparent from his decades of output.

The mid 80's caught the avant-garde pianist at an interesting phase in his career: he's still screwing around with synths and modulators and other such artificial constructs, but he's fucking around in such a way on 1985's Espεяαиτo that he comes across as the ridiculously uncanny middleman between King Crimson circa Discipline and Brian Eno at his most spontaneous and adventurous.

More of a curious set of mood pieces for the multifaceted than a specific collection of songs that tell a story, define a purpose or something to carry the Top 40 for yet another pointless week, Espεяαиτo is very much a product of its time that happens to fit into our own era with a curious, even eerie, sense of relevancy. Knab it!

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