Friday, December 24, 2010

Terence Trent D'Arby - Symphony Or Damn (1993)

Anyone who knows a bit about the less commercial side of popular music would probably have quite a bit to say about avant-garde soul-rocker T.T. D'Arby....some of it probably not so flattering. Like was batshit crazy for instance!

Nuts or not though, I'm part of that minority that generally considers the insane closest to divinity in terms of how they perceive reality, and in Terence's case my point is quite vilified indeed - the sheer lunacy that got his creative juices flowing here make this 1993 release one hell of a jawdropper even in 2010. Every song, hits and non-hits alike, are volatile little purities that make much of what came out that year sound dated, even lifeless, when you compare them to this song-laden monster.

Highlights for include the infinitely layered 'Castilian Blue', the drowned funk of 'Wet Your Lips', and classic dancefloor stompers such as 'Do You Love Me Like You Say?' and 'She Kissed Me', but what can I say when everything hums oh-so-harmoniously like a well-oiled diesel? D'Arby'ss voice is also something to be reckoned with - he brings an almost Caribbean swagger to territory occupied by more prominent soul powerhouses like Seal or Prince, but at the same time seems to have his own magic formula that gives each song a kick no matter how unhinged they become.

Fans of unsung classics, great experimental shit or dynamite funk/soul/pop music? Investigate!

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