Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Auktyon - Ptiza (1994)

One of the most marvelous little art rock gems to emerge in the mid 90's, Auktyon are a weird ensemble from Russia who cross Post-punk/New Wave ethnicities with strange, yet gorgeous jazz and Eastern European folk tangents. Or maybe it's polka-progcore with slicked back bangs and a pinstriped jumpsuit.

Whatever tag floats your boat though, these Ruskies have quite a bit of staying power on this 1994 release (translated as Bird here in the States and elsewhere) despite the relative inaccesibility of their material. Only one song reaches the 6 minute mark at least, which is a good thing for the ADD among your ranks! Be prepared for a straight up blast of rock instrumentation, Clash-y yet lounge-laden vocals, some wailing saxophone and a lot of traditional instruments (including a xylophone) to keep the jams movin'.

Hence, those looking for something fun, foreign and not too long will have the night of a lifetime with Auktyon!

Listen Here - "Дорога"

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