Monday, December 20, 2010

Bob Drake - What Day Is It? (1994)

A singer/songwriter of extraordinarily darksome talent and vision, Bob Drake has cut quite the illustrious career for himself since the 1980's and beyond. He's produced Tina Turner, designed B-Movie horror soundscapes for low budget films, and was one of the two primary founding members of legendary avant-rockers Thinking Plague. Hell of a resume, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

However, even if you've heard everything the man's been involved in, today's upload would still surprise you in ways you wouldn't imagine.

What Day Is It? is the self-produced, self-released debut solo album from Bob Drake, fourteen songs that melt down traditional folk, horrific vignettes, country & bluegrass rumblings and even the skyward progressive rock sound of bands like Yes into pure sonic compulsion. Weird, yet wonderful! Take a song like 'Spiders' for instance -- it starts off with a couple of steel guitar lines that make you wonder if you got lost in a square dance before Drake himself soars his voice into the stratosphere (as Jon Anderson would do on records like Fragile and Close to the Edge). It follows with a scrambling reprise of randomness but with some eerie backing vocals accentuating the reticent atmosphere.

In short, this is a one of a kind treasure from one of the most compelling and singular musicians on the planet. Whether you get your rocks off on the avant-garde, folk, country or even prog. rock, there is something here for anyone and everyone who loves music that doesn't conform to the expectations of a scene or fanbase.

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