Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quidam - Alone Together (2007)

In the wake of bands like Marillion and IQ in the mid 80's, there has since arose a subgenre of progressive rock known as "neo. prog" which is characterized by a variety of things - 70's Genesis-like dramatics, lots and lots of keyboards, and an abundance of influence from more popular forms of music like pop and metal to name but a few.

Poland's Quidam, however, are a different beast entirely from most bands that fall under the neo prog. moniker. Flute, bass, beautifully melodic guitar and a rather busy drumkit are but a few of the things at play here which make for a very lively sound, an approach that honed to perfection on their final and perhaps most accomplished studio album, 2007's Alone Together. The lead vocalist has a pleasant, oceanic timbre that ebbs and flows, floating somewhere between Peter Gabriel, Sting and Scott Walker in range whilst still retaining a certain unique compatibility with both the quieter and louder tempos throughout.

Fans of bands like Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Pink Floyd or some of the more electronically influenced prog. bands out there such as Brother Ape will feel quite at home with this bunch, and people curious about how accomplished modern prog. can be shan't be disappointed either.

Listen Here - "Kinds Of Solitude At Night"

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