Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Reign Of Kindo - Rhythm, Chord & Melody (2008)

One of the more interesting post-2000's indie bands to emerge from the woodwork, The Reign Of Kindo are something like a music connoisseur's daydream - "What if The Shins or early Keane had the chops of a 1970's jazz-rock colossus like The Mahavishnu Orchestra?"

Well, that musing dream became cold reality two years ago when these blokes formed, and they are not to be underestimated. Melodic vocal-based pop songs led by an undercurrent of extremely furious instrumental talent isn't anything new in the indie world (take your pick of any of today's more pop-oriented math rock outfits) but this ensemble has a strangely post-bop feel at times, like a Miles Davis experiment gone ridiculously commercial. On top of that, the fact they crafted 13 excellent tunes on such a distinctively jazzy approach to the usual heartbeat of a post-Interpol musical environment is rather compelling from my point of view. Hell, it may even be remembered as one of the best debuts of the second half of the Noughties.

In conclusion, those of you looking for some fresh yet contemporary...tune in.

Listen Here - "Morning Cloud"

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