Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mushroom - Joint Happening (2007)

Tonight's sacrificial lamb is modern day psychedelic jazz-fusion (featuring legendary saxman Eddie Gale!) with a sumptuous Norwegian proggy folk flavor broiling amidst the ardor. 'Peace' is a very John Coltrane number in style, but led intriguingly enough by a two-punch of Mellotron and sax instead of the usual assorted instruments, giving it a more antiquated, cyclopean edge than one might think. The subsequent tracks flow in their own particular grooves like thick paint running down a fresh canvas. Furthermore, Joint Happening when taken in as a whole possesses a spiralized, hypnotic hold on the mind -- looped percussion bleeds into a brilliant collage of jazzy vintage while retaining clarity of progression.

Mushroom are true transcendentalists in today's oft-jarring experimental underground - they don't forget that floating down the river is the best part of any passage, even when you aren't quite sure where the current will carry you to. And that, dear readers, makes all the difference between a instrumental album that sets your night on fire and those sad recordings whom fail to drag you inside their hallowed worlds.

On par with any of the classic jazz-fusion recordings of the 70's, including those of Miles Davis and Soft Machine, this shit is happenin' to a fuckin' T.

Listen Here - "Selling Oakland By The Pound"

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