Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chris Rainbow - Home Of The Brave (1975)

One of my favorite 70's albums of all time, Home Of The Brave was a masterful collection of progressive pop songs from Chris Rainbow, a rather eclectic singer/songwriter who would later go on to relative prominence in his career as one of the several most-heard vocalists for The Alan Parsons Project.

Solo-led records with material this catchy yet varied are a near extinct species as of 2010, but Rainbow cut some fine tunes back as a young man. It certainly helps that he sounds of a helluva lot like Brian Wilson when he opens his mouth to the mic, except with a greater perchance for atmosphere at times than his more famous counterpart. Still, The Beach Boys have most definitely been a rather strong influence on this record, with particular kudos to the piano-drenched 'On My Way' and the soft-funk surf vaudevillian swagger of 'Mr. Man'. My favorite song however, is the record's emotionally stark yet lamenting 6-minute 'Glasgow Boy', which open with a rainstorm and subsequently plays out like a long-lost Beatles gem..or perhaps a reallllly good Scott Walker B-side. Quiet, yet magnificent all the same.

Enthusiasts of obscure classics, atmospheric psychedelic pop and Walls of Sound, I dedicate this post to all of you.

Listen Here - "Tarzana Reseda"


  1. If only we could go back to the 70s, great times.
    I spent many happy hours in my living room with the lights out and playing Chris's "Home of the brave" over and over. Still play it now. Mega album of the time,pity it did not get the credit it deserved.